Serial Splitter Mobile

Connect several applications to a single serial COM port

Serial Splitter Mobile connects Windows Mobile serial port devices to several applications at once.

Serial Splitter Mobile splits real serial ports into virtual ones and uses them to let several applications on your mobile device work with the same serial port in real-time. In this way, applications can exchange data, which is particularly useful for GPS simulations systems.

Common objectives and our solutions:

  • split one serial port into several ones
  • let several applications work with a single serial COM port

Serial Splitter Mobile can create up to 20 virtual ports for real ports splitting - COM0-COM9, VSP0-VSP9. This unique Eltima's technology is used to emulate physical serial ports and, as a result, all applications work with virtual serial port like with a real COM port. Applications refer to corresponding virtual ports (for instance, COM2, COM3), which send data to the real COM1 and to a connected device. Then, all data a real port receives from the device is transferred to the applications via virtual ports.

  • control access of several applications to a serial com port
  • set access mode for every created port

Serial Splitter Mobile lets you specify the access mode for every created port - read-only or read-and-write. In case of read-only ports you won't be able to write anything to the port, only data retrieval is possible. Read-only mode can be useful just to read the data and record the real port activity.

For instance, you have two applications that can control a GPS device. Both ports should not have READ and WRITE rights in this case. Using Serial Splitter Mobile you can specify READ ONLY rights for one port on your Windows Mobile 2003/2005 device, so that one of the applications can only receive GPS data, while the other one can manage GPS device.

  • develop software for GPS devices
  • send GPS data to several applications

Serial Splitter Mobile is often used for developing GPS software and GPS simulation systems. Using it you can easily split a single serial port between several applications and have them receive GPS data for further processing and then send it back to the serial port. Implementing Serial Splitter Mobile in your own GPS software requires OEM license.

  • disable serial com port

Windows Mobile devices have a limitation of only 10 serial ports (COM0, COM1,... COM9). Usually, only 1-3 ports are free. Using "disable serial port" function you can release any of occupied COM ports (if it is used by other device and, therefore, isn't free) to spear a slot for virtual one and use it for your needs.

For instance, you have port COM3 (usually, infrared port) and COM6 (with GPS device). The only free port on your device is COM0. You need to split COM6 into 2 ports, so that it could be used by 2 applications. With Serial Splitter Mobile you can disable COM3 and, once it is released, split COM6 into 2 virtual ports, COM0 and COM3. Now you can launch 2 applications: one from COM0 and the other one from COM3 - they both will work simultaneously with the same GPS device.

Serial Splitter Mobile is:

  • The only serial port splitter compatible with Windows Mobile OS
  • Delivered with all functionality for GPS devices splitting
  • User-friendly one-tap GUI
  • Available as OEM to use its unique splitting technology in your own software
  • Easy to install with ActiveSync Installer/Uninstaller

Serial Splitter Mobile overview:

  • Share dataflow of one COM port between several applications on your smartphone
  • Split any number of serial ports at the same time
  • Split any real serial port into up to 20 virtual serial ports
  • High-speed data transfer between real and virtual serial ports
  • Release real serial ports to create virtual ones with the same name
  • Support for ARM processors
  • Unique splitting technology to use in your own software as OEM

Serial Splitter Mobile is aimed to assist:

  • GPS Development
  • System programmers
  • Mobile System Development
  • Communication System Development
  • Radio-/Telecommunication Companies

Serial Splitter Mobile purchase info:

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We use Serial Splitter Mobile in our GPS software. Eltima's solution provides required functionality, stability and an excellent support service that helped us figure a few issues during development.


Product info
  • File size:
  • Release date:
    30th August, 2007
  • Build compiled:
    26th August, 2005
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Demo Limitations
  • You won't be able to send more than 100Kb of data in one session
System Requirements
  • Serial Splitter Mobile 2.4 is compatible with any Windows Mobile devices that runs:

    Windows CE 3/4/5/6

    Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003/2005/2006

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003/2005/2006
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